Theodore Kane

Machines maintained, clothes come out great, friendly and helpful staff. No need to go to any other laundry.

My Sight

I’ve been bringing my laundry and dry cleaning here since 2019. Good job always. Nice people.

Yun Li

Thank you for get my white cotton dress clean. Even tho the first done left some yellows stains, the redo (white wash) got it back to all white. This is my favorite dress. Really appreciated it!

Juliette Nuccio

This place is awesome! It is the ONLY pick up and delivery (or drop off) laundry service that I trust or would recommend in the entire New York City area. They are quick/on-time, clean, efficient, and have great prices.

Alex Tsiros

By far the best laundry service in the area. Attention to detail, great customer service, great quality. They use top notch products and it shows. Other laundry services cut corners, they do not. They’ve been around for 30 years for a reason. You can’t go wrong here